Jim Ingman - Bass

 Raised in and around the church in the Seattle area, Son of jazz singer Ivan, Jim started in music at age 5 or so, singing with the choir those high harmonies maybe only a dog can hear.. Picking out tunes on the piano at home, led to lessons that Mom sewed clothes to pay for.

 By age 11, Jim was playing a stand up bass taller than he was in a trio with Dawn and Jeanie Davies.

 Jr. Hi and Hi School saw a couple more bands and talent show wins, which in turn led to many years of playing bars and events through the 70s an 80s in rock and country bands.

 Jim arrived in Denver in the late 80s to continue a recording project with You can be a Star winner.Katheryn Kay, and soon became enmeshed in the Denver music scene, as well as raising a son.

  Over the years and miles, Jim has been blessed to work with names like Ferlin Husky, Thumbs Carlyle, the Coasters, Freddy Hart and many very talented, lesser known names.
Answering the call to join with Walker Williams and the boys was a no brainer, and the best time ever!!

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